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Edmonton's volatile weather patterns, mixed with drastically fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on your exterior's stucco. Over time portland cement-based materials can start to show staining, efflorescence leaching, hairline cracking as well as natural UV damage and fading.

At PC Exteriors, we have over 20 years of stucco knowledge and experience and understand all systems and finishes. Prior to any paint application, we thoroughly inspect your stucco for damages and repair all deficiencies to ensure the surface is sound and ready.

Today's technological advancements in exterior stucco paint provide both the protection your stucco needs and a beautiful aesthetic finish. 

Whether your well-loved home is a 1950s stone dash bungalow, a California stucco bi-level or a modern EIFS with an acrylic finish, PC Exteriors can rejuvenate your exterior and make it look new again!

Stucco Repair

PC Exteriors' stucco repair process is a key element in our stucco painting process. We will repair any deficiencies such as flaking, cracked or bulging stucco and will match any texture or finish to ensure a uniform paint application.  We leave a specific amount of curing time for repairs prior to painting. 

Stucco Painting Process:

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Step 1: Inspection

A thorough inspection is completed by our experienced stucco professionals to determine the best paint product for your home as well as investigate the stucco for damages and flaws.

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Step 2: Pressure Washing

Pressure wash to remove all loose dirt, mildew and efflorescence from the surface to provide an ideal base for the paint to adhere. 

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Step 3: Repairs and Caulking

Any stucco damages identified through our inspection are carefully repaired to ensure a smooth paint application. 

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Step 4: Painting 

Paint is applied in a three-coat system which ensures stunning results and protection for your home's stucco.

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Step 5: Clean up 

We pride ourselves on being as non-disruptive to your property as possible and ensure we return it to its original state after every day and upon completion of the project. 

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Step 6: Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We inspect every project upon completion and complete a final walkthrough with our clients.

Stucco Painters Edmonton
Stucco Painters Edmonton
Edmonton Stucco Painters

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