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Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS )

EIFS has become the most popular stucco system in Alberta today and when professionally installed,  will stand up to the weather extremes your exterior will face. Able to provide moisture management as well as energy efficiency, EIFS is the best option for all your commercial or residential projects. 

EIFS is a non-load bearing exterior wall cladding, consisting of:

  1. Vapour permeable fluid-applied membrane (sheathing treatment over substrate)

  2. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) adhesively applied with weeping ribbons

  3. Polymer-modified, cement basecoat application with reinforced fibre-glass mesh

  4. Second coat of polymer-modified cement base

  5. Sanded primer application over the prepared basecoat

  6. Finish with elastomeric acrylic stucco finish coat available in a wide variety of textures and infinite colours


Benefits of EIFS


Weather Resistant

EIFS is resistant to extreme weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures.


EIFS provides versatile aesthetic options from hundreds of colour choices to various textures,   finishes, mouldings and trim

Energy Saving

EIFS can reduce air infiltration and add to the "R-value" of a home or building. (R-value is a measurement of the resistance to heat flow)


Professionally installed EIFS in combination with flashings and sealants creates an exterior that will resist moisture penetration for as long as you own your home.


 EIFS with acrylic finish has superior resistance to fading, chalking and yellowing. As a result, the systems will maintain their original appearance over time. 

Fire Resistant 

EIFS has passed the major fire resistance tests that are required by the building codes

Traditional Stucco

Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco systems have been an extremely popular exterior cladding choice for Edmonton homes for decades. A mixture of Portland cement, lime, sand and water are applied over a tar paper and metal lathe base in what is commonly known as a three-coat system. Often seen locally finished in the California stucco or stone dash styles, this system is designed to withstand Edmonton's harsh weather. 

When applied by experienced professionals, paired with code-compliant building envelope and flashings, the traditional stucco system will last for decades practically maintenance-free.

California Stucco Edonton

Traditional Stucco Finishes:

Elastomeric Acrylic Finishes (Smooth or textured)

Acrylic finishes have been ever increasing in popularity and are the most common form of finish seen in Edmonton today.  Although acrylic is the number one finish used with EIFS, due to its flexibility, it is also an excellent option for the traditional system.  Coming in a myriad of colours and different aggregates to choose from, acrylic finishes give you infinite possibilities to give your building the curb appeal you desire! Acrylic is often floated smoothly to provide it with a beautifully clean, modern design but can be applied with texture to give that old world look. 

California stucco

Able to withstand Edmonton's fluctuating climate, the "California Stucco" finish is a traditional stucco system that is a great economical option for your exterior. California stucco can be applied as a smooth float finish or textured. Though only available in a minimal amount of shades, after proper curing, this finish can be painted to any desired colour. 

California stucco is a fire-resistant, high impact, seamless exterior finish that will last the

lifetime of your home.

Pebble Dash (Bottle Dash)

Pebbledash or bottle dash is a traditional stucco system commonly used

in the 50s as an exterior cladding on both residential and commercial buildings.

Mostly seen in older neighbourhoods in Edmonton, pebbledash is an

environmentally conscious, durable wall cladding. PC Exteriors has the knowledge

and experience in the application of bottle dash finish. 

Other Traditional Finishes: 
There are a variety of different finishes from spray dash to "cat face" please contact

to discover a finish that is right for your home! 

Stonedash Stucco Edmonton

New or existing traditional stucco finishes can be painted in any desired colour.

For more information about PC Exteriors stucco painting process click HERE



Parging is the application of a portland cement based product to the foundation of a building and exposed concrete to provide aesthetics as well as a water-resistant protective layer. Though not required under building codes, a cementitious parging coat over a home's above-grade foundation is highly recommended. 

Able to be finished in a variety of products and textures a parge coat is one of the final steps in protecting your home from the elements. 

Parging finishes include:

           Basic sand float

            Basic textured grey coat

            Sand float with a smooth acrylic finish

            Sand float with acrylic texture

            and many more

Edmonton Parging

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